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Below are testimonials, pictures and video of some people who have used our FreedomFISHR™ Power-Assist Fishing Reel

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Jeff Malloy

Thanks for your great product and allowing me to get out and fish with my family once again after more than 10 years! Here is a video that I made of me out fishing with the FreedomFISHR.

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Chris Lanham

You got one hell of a product here. Been thru every electric reel available commercially and even built a few myself. I'll be honest, I was skeptical about the motor size on this reel and having enough torque. Since ordering this reel, It's my new favorite. Have caught over 20+ channel cats using it and no problems what so ever. With it being so light, my hookset is that much better. Looking forward to buying a few more.

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Mick Williams

I have been using the reel for quite a while now and it is everything it claims to be and more. It has allowed me to continue doing something I have missed since my stroke and my thanks go out to Fishing Abilities for developing this gtreat product.

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Heather Smith

My dad was an avid fisherman until several strokes resulted in the loss of mobility on his left side. He hasn't reeled a fish in on his own in years. Tonight that all changed! We were able to get dad to the pier and he was able to cast, set a hook and reel in his own fish all thanks to Fishing Abilities!! My heart is full, feel blessed! Thank you all!!!

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Kirby Johnson

Thank you so much for building the FreedomFISHR™ it made the trip so much better that my cousin, John DeLong could fish with us again!



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Amy Lowery

We have been having a great time fishing with our son Doug as he can now join in on the fun. Thank You Fishing Abilities!


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Dewey Drennen

My name is Dewey Drennen and this is my third electric fishing reel. I had to carry a 6 V lantern battery around which was kind of balky on my last reel and it didn't have any power at all. I have fished with the FreedomFISHR now for two seasons and I believe this fishing reel has the best of all worlds. It's medium-size doesn't lack in power. I have caught bluegill, largemouth and catfish with it. It's well-balanced and not too heavy. I believe it is the best quality reel out there for all around fishing. I looked around for a year before deciding to buy the FreedomFISHR because I believe it's the best and doesn't hit the wallet too hard. Dan of all people knows that when you are a disabled fisherman just how important it is to have good quality fishing equipment.

Thanks Dan, for giving people like yourself, I and hundreds of other handicap fisherman the opportunity to get back on the water and enjoy God's beautiful nature.

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Randy Collier

Many many years ago, an accident left my brother Larry completely paralyzed on his left side. Larry loves to fish and it is extremely difficult for him to manage a rod and reel with one hand. We were overjoyed when we discovered the Fishing Abilities website. After speaking to Dan at Fishing Abilities, we ordered the FreedomFISHR reel. With the push of a button, Larry is fishing! Yes, I still have to bait his hook and take off the fish, but he can cast the line and wind in the fish on his own. Larry LOVES his new reel! A special thanks to Dan and the Fishing Abilities Team from my brother Larry and me.

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Mike Nitzel

You guys rock! My son caught his first fish ever last night with his new reel (he caught 2). Thank you all so much.

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Joe Katancik

Joe has been a fisherman most of his adult life, whether it be on the Bering Sea or the rivers in Alaska, Joe is a fisherman!  A severe stroke in 2007 severely impeded his ability to continue to fish due to paralysis on the right side of his body.  I will never forget the smile on his face when we showed up in Alaska last August and he brought the reel out of his cabin.  That smile was only a hint of the joy that he would show when we got on the river that first morning!  While Joe had been able to fish prior to getting this reel, it was a challenge and restricted some of the waters that he could fish.  That first morning we ventured into some old familiar waters where Joe had historically taken clients, but had not been able to fish since his stroke.  As you can see by the photo, he was successful and the smiles from Joe and Nick tell the story, he was back in his element.  Over the course of 2 days, Joe caught and released more than 25 silver salmon and the reel performed flawlessly!!!!

Joe moved to Idaho in December and in February of 2012 enjoyed a couple of days on the Salmon River in Riggins, steelhead fishing with some friends.  Upon his return, he immediately contacted friends in Alaska to send his “pole & reel” so that he could go steelhead fishing again.  Now that he has taken up permanent residence in Payette, he is looking forward to fishing for bass and cat fish locally this summer.

Randy Choate (friend of Joe)


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Norman Jones

I just purchased your reel and charger set. I have use of only one arm from an auto accident.  I can't wait to use your product. Thank you for inventing something like this. I've had to use a cane pole for 30 years. Now I can fish like everyone else.

Thanks again,

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Barbara & Oris Kingery

Oris has used the reel twice now. He has gotten the feel of casting and reeling in. The ease of use and being lightweight is amazing. By using a pole holder which is placed under his wheelchair seat, he is nearly completely independent with his fishing. Both fishing and being independent is so important to him, and your reel makes that possible. It was worth waiting for.

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